Both the service people were extremely helpful and eventually were able to solve the issue. They seemed to go over and above to find and correct the issues. I would highly recommend them to everyone.
-Patricia Evans
Firstly , the staff were EXTREMELY courteous and at all times checked to make sure I understood what they were doing and why . My computer was in pretty bad shape but they stayed with me and worked extra time to get the problems resolved . A very diligent and dedicated group!
-Bob Leslie
I admit that I was skeptical at first, but after a bit of service, the true worked diligently and without hesitation to work out the issues on my computer. I would highly recommend Reimage.
I am very satisfied with the service I've received from Reimage. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful. They have also been patient because of my questions and slowness.
-Steve Brabb
Reimage just made my day.i am very happy with the service and i will be sure to tell all my family and friend how great they are!
-Joyce CapassoO
The Reimage made a lot of good changes on my computer, changes of things that I once I could see and use them, but for an unknown reason disappeared. I am running Reimage on and off, and everything is OK. Thank you for this great product.
At first, I was skeptical that this would solve my computer problems but, as we progressed with the "fix" I was very hopeful of my complete satisfaction. That turned out to be the case and I am very satisfied with the results. Reimage is a great product which I have been using for many years.
-Richard Rotter
Imelda satisfied my concerns. I don't know how many clients are as ignorant of how computer software functions as I am. Dealing with us must require an awful lot of patience. On top of that, Imelda's skills at arriving at a solution were top-notch. Sure am glad I purchased Reimage where I can talk to a technician rather than follow directions on my own.
-Kurt Smith
The services that Reimage provide are outstanding! They work tirelessly to find solutions to computer issues, working long hours, and extremely friendly service! Absolutely the best!
-Daryoush Haghighi
Superb service once again. Good firm to work with and excellent customer service. It was nice to have prompt service. Would recommend this company to family and friends.
-Roger Thomas
I am very pleased with the service from Reimage , my attention to the detail that Reimage have made has rested my mind. I feel relaxed now that I have good protection.
-Robert Hemming
Very impressed with service, encountering issues, totally unaware of significance of problems. Contacted service for initial analysis. Very prompt response as to problems. Solutions offered with costings, authorised go ahead. Problems resumed viruses removed within short period of time by Eunice, step by step imput. Very impressed overall. Many thanks, now reassured and can use pc with confidence.
Hi all,
I got my computers like 3 years ago and upgraded to WinOS 10 a few month ago. after a while my computer just stopped working properly. every small task would take hours!!! i thought of changing my PC as i saw an article about reimage plus. to be honest i was a little skeptical but the product did free scan and seems to be patented and not like the others. well, i tries it and honestly, i was surprised for the good. the product is easy to use and you can always call their support if you don't get anything about it. all the trash on my computer is out., i am happy, that's the bottom line.
-Shlomi Hassan
Reimage has repeatedly helped me clean my computer from Trojan viruses not detected by my purchased high quality antivirus software. When I had a problem that kept reappearing, I wrote to the reimage customer service and we made an appointment and my computer was thoroughly cleaned online. I strongly recommend reimage and I am using it once a month to help me get rid of all the corrupted files that slow down my computer.
-Katerina Kalimikeraki

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